Protection Policy



Each individual in our company prioritize environemntal friendly activities in any areas
of our business.


Based on our fundamental policy "Hold moderation in us, and give generousity to all others",
we aim to protect and co-exist with the global environment. We will also promote activities
in aligned with the aforementioned policy in order to realize the harmonized global society.

  1. In order to maintain and improve better global environemnt, we promote reducing environmental contamination, resources wastings and the use of classified substances
    (i.e. requirements by Europe RoHS guidelines).

  2. We comply with laws/regulations and requirements from our customers and society in order to contribute to the environemtal protection.

  3. We set out and implement business activities suit to our company policy, and these activties
    will be reviewed.

  4. Environmental protection system is continually reviewed and improved by the management to increase the environemental contribution.

  5. This environmental policy is shared among employees, and disclosed to any third parties.

  6. We continually work on protecting the biological divercity.

  7. We promote preventing the use of conflict minerals, i.e. Tantalum, Tins, Tungsten and Gold
    in or around the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  1. We promote reducing the use of electric consumption to resist with the global warming.

  2. As a part of Chemical Substance Administration system for our products, we review our suppliers and reduce the risk of those containment.

  3. For the biological diversity, we donate to NPO (More than 10,000 yen per year)

  4. In order to comply with the use of Conflict Minerals, we investigate on our supplier and are held responsible
                                                          January, 6th, 2014