SHP(Suzhou) was established in Suzhou July 2004.
Later in Feb 2009, we relocated our factory to current address
in Suzhou aimed at increasing production capacity
and cutting the outlay cost.
We have been supplying highly value-added products
to the clients mainly in Suzhou area
and providing the tray for clients Q.C.D demands.

Company Name:@ Sydek Hang Fung Precision (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Location: 269 He Feng Road, Xu Kou, Wu Zhong, Suzhou,
Jiangsu, PRC
Postal code: 215164
Contact Number: Tel (86) 512-6656-3230
Fax (86) 512-6636-6825
Founded In: July 2004
Scope of Business: Processing and sales of industrial packaging for electronic
and sophisticated devices.
Products: Vacuum Forming Plastic Trays (for sophisticated devices)
Facilities: 6 Vacuum Forming Machine lines, 9 Hydralic Press
Machine lines
Clean Room (class 10000) (class 1000)
Dust extractor 3 set