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 Traditional Japanese packaging are made of paddy, wood, bamboo, bark, leaves, paper etc. They have been highly appreciated by foreign visitors after they have seen the simple, practical and elegent designs. Nowadays we can hardly see such kind of packagings. However, from these designs I believe we can find out the tranditional manifest of Japanese. In simple words,
      -be restraint to oneself
      -be philathropic to others
      -be considerate to all creatures
Sydek Corporation has been specialising in packaging of electronic and sophisticated components for many years. The packaged products are always industrial products equipped with latest technologies. Without the three manifests mentioned, I think it is impossible to meet the constraints of the packaging. Our principle is to enhance "full-function management". The service we are offering is named as "HI-BREE PAK", which stands for "multi-purpose packaging and services for electronic sophisticated components", in which daily improvement is demanded.
In recent years, resources and environmental issues has become a major agenda to packaging industry. At the same time, electronic components production plants are shifting to overseas in a more rapid manner. We use our knowledges and experiences in working out the best solutions under such circumstances.
Human societies are facing a turning point after entering the 21st century. Sydek Corporation continues contribution to business partners by improving packaging design and providing the most suitable suggestion.
Base on our motto "Be enthusiastic and joyful to work without forgetting thankfulness", Sydek Corporation will keep on providing the best service to our clients.
President Katsuhiko Shida

  • Do not regret

  • Do not be resentful

  • Do not forget thankfulness

  • be enthusiastic and joyful to work