The next step after design is to examine the performance of the products.
Testing data derived from accessment tests will be checked and stored by technical divisions.
The data will also be practically used by quality assurance and production division.

Impact Testing Machine
  • Max falling height: 800mm (free fall 1200mm equivalent)
  • Max weight for test sample: 100kg
  • Test interval: +- 500g
Vibration Test Machine
  • Vibration force: 600kgf(5.88kN)
  • Frequency range: 5H-2000Hz
  • Maximum weight for test sample: 220kg
  • Maximum displacement: 40mm
Falling Impact Test Machine for Cushioning
  • Range of falling height: 100-1200mm
  • Changeable range of falling weight: 0.9-50kg
  • Maximum area of test sample: 484 cm2
  • Test interval: +-500g
Sample Cutter
  • Maximum cutting dimension: 2200x1600mm
  • Maximum thickness of test sample: 65mm0.9-50kg
  • Maximum speed: 760mm/s.
  • Compatible material: EPE, Carton etc.
3D Measuring Machine
  • It is used for inspections of precisely produced vacuum forming products and moulds in order to maintain high quality.
Clean Room
  • Cleanliness is very important for electronic components. We inspect and wash the trays before deliver the trays to our client.
High Speed Continuous Vacuum/Pneumatic Forming Machine
  • The force from vacuum(negative pressure)/penumatic forming (positive pressure) are used simuteaneously in the forming process. It is capable of producing precise and sharp shapes.
  • Trimming can also be done in the same time in order to boost the productivity of the product line.
High Speen Continuous Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Vacuum (negative pressure) is used in the forming process contributing handy production cost.

Super Megohm Meter
  • Electronic components such as IC/LSI, are very sensible to surface and volume resistance. We are able to preform tests for trays and other packaging materials by our testing instruments.