Since July 2001, it has been launching production and expanding
production scale.
The products are supplied to Japanese electronic component
factories in Guangdong province.
On September 2004, it acquired ISO9001.

Company Name: Sydek Precision (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
Location: Shunjing Industrial Zone, Banfutown, Zhongshan City,
Guangdong, China
Contact Number Tel: (86) 760-2361-8666
Fax: (86) 760-2367-5300
Founded in: June 2001
Scope of Business: Processing and sales of industrial packaging for electronic
and sophisticated devices.
Products: Vacuum Forming Plastic Trays (for sophisticated devices)
Facilities: 7 Vacuum Forming Machine lines, 9 Hydralic Press
Machine lines
Cleam Room (class 10000)
Dust extractor 1 set
Clients: Electronic and sophisticated component
manufacturers in Guangdong province